Insulated Panels

Insulated panels can be used to build new walls, roofs, used in light covering for industrial places, warehouses, stores, offices, sport buildings and for use in cooling and freezing chambers.

Modular Panels for use in cooling and freezing chambers

Modular system of cooling and freezing chambers is based on insulated panels that are filled up with polyurethane foam. This solution allows quick assembly, disassembly and building extension of existing chambers by simply adding next modules. Chambers build in this system are known for great temperature isolation with high quality and esthetics.

Why to Choose Insulated Panels?

  • Insulated panels are cheaper in use when compared to traditional ways of buildings walls and roofs
  • Use of panels speeds up construction of any kind of object
  • Low weight and high mechanical strength of panels
  • Cost of transportation is lower than cost of transportation for traditional materials
  • Eexcellent insulation properties - thermal and acoustic - allow the use of only one layer of wall and roof, offering at the same time low maintaining operating costs
  • High esthetics
  • Very easy to clean and maintain

As experienced company we offer complete service that includes supply and installation of Insulated Panels for any kind of use. We are proudly saying that we have over 25 years of experience in using this system from Europe and Canada.

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